Component Integrity Management Systems


    •  minimize risks

    •  improve facility performance

    •  reduce losses and emissions


Our services

  • Pre-shutdown VOC leak surveys
  • Post-startup VOC leak surveys
  • VOC leak detection in operating process & storage facilities
  • VOC plume visualisations using optical gas imaging (OGI)
  • VOC loss estimations using FID
  • Hydrocarbon storage tank VOC loss surveys
  • Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) Programs
  • Fugitive emissions inventories
  • Leak remedial advice
  • Steam-trap / energy loss surveys
  • Compressed-air / energy loss surveys
  • Hydrogen leak detection
  • Carbon monoxide leak detection
  • Biogas reactor leak surveys
  • VOC loss estimation from sludge drying areas
  • Insulation containment surveys
  • Corrosion under insulation (CUI) surveys
  • P&ID review to confirm as-built asset status
  • Site component ID systems
  • Thermographic inspection services*
  • Above and below ground tank condition monitoring *
  • Pipework inspection services *
(* in conjunction with ATMECO affiliate)

Case studies





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