USD = UltraSonic Detection of leaks

USD is a powerful and sensitive leak technology that can detect leaks of any gas type.  It complements FID and OGI technology.  USD can be used in leak surveys for compressed air, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons or leak from any pipework or vessels where internal pressures exceed a couple of atmosphere. 

USD is the main technology deployed for passing valve (internal leak) surveys.

ATMECO ID systems are robust processes and tools to find, identify, and characterise components, and to record their integrity performance and any actions taken on each component.
For more details see the ATMECO website at:
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PID = PhotoIonization Detection of a gas in atmosphere.
See FAQ on 'How do FID and PID compare for hydrocarbon leak detection?'

OGI = Optical Gas Imaging, a technique of visualizing specific gases in air based on ultra-sensitive, very narrow band infrared imaging technology.

The plume image density in OGI is related to the density of hydrogen-carbon bonds in the gas plume, i.e. it is analogous to the mass loss rate and not gas concentration.

Method 21 = US UPA Method 21, a standardized methodology for measuring the concentration of process gases leaking from PLSs.
LDAR = Leak Detection and Repair, a methodology for minimizing fugtive emissions from industrial process plants.
Best practice for LDAR, according to the US EPA, can be found at the link on the ATMECO website under menu item:
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