ATMECO Fluid Motion and Textron Systems Australia have combined forces to deliver an integrated Remote Piloted Aerial Survey (RPAS) services solution which delivers critical asset integrity data direct to the client’s desktop while the RPAS team is still in the field.

The RPAS integrated service forms part of a closed loop critical asset component integrity management system which;
  • Eliminates time delays between field survey activity and asset condition reporting. (From weeks to the same day)
  • Enables fast and effective repair action prioritisation in response to findings.
  • Enables efficient re-deployment of RPAS resources to capture qualitative and quantitative data to verify the effectiveness of repair response actions taken.

•  Pre & Postshut Integrity Inspections

•  Leak Risk Management

•  MultiSensor Aerial Surveys

•  Major Hazard Facility

•  Regulatory Compliance

•  Secure Data Management

Pre & Post-Shut Process Integrity Inspection

ATMECO fluid motion survey deliverables integrate into pre-shut work scope planning and post shut start-up process integrity inspection and test plans. Planning & ITP's.

Leak Risk Management

We operate onshore and offshore deploying a range of process integrity and leak risk management inspection and remediation services based on international oil and gas industry leak detection and repair LDAR standards. Process safety management.

MultiSensor Aerial Surveys
ATMECO fluid motion have developed a unique aerial survey inspection system particularly suited to the coal seam (Methane) gas production transmission and processing industry.  ATMECO Fluid Motion UAV platforms are multi sensor survey systems that can substantially reduce survey costs by capturing multiple data sets for a range of end users from one mission.
Major Hazard Facility

Our RPAS inspection technology and procedures are based in many years of deploying intrinsically safe(IS) and non-IS rated battery operated equipment in major hazardous facility sites. Safety systems.

Regulatory Compliance

Survey deliverables from this system can form part of your hydrocarbon emissions regulatory compliance reporting obligations. Annual hydrocarbon & VOC emissions reports. Deliverables.

Secure and Efficient Data Management

Asset integrity survey methodologies and leak risk (emissions) data management systems conform to strict USEPA LDAR standards. USEPA. RPAS generated asset integrity data is accessible via ATMECO's proprietary cloud component integrity management system CIMS. CIMS.

About us

Atmeco fluid motion specialises in remote piloted aerial survey RPAS services to the oil and gas industry.

Our RPAS team comprises personnel with extensive experience operating in and around hazardous environments in accord with rigorous safety management procedures.


ATMECO has leak detection and repair survey services agreements with many upstream oil, gas and petroleum refining facilities around Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the Middle East.

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